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EstFalia Publishing House
Estfalia Publishing House offers:

* book editing (ISBN and CIP free of charge) in any printing number,
starting with 15 copies;
* book printing in any printing number, starting with 15 copies;
* proof reading and text make-up;
* final text printing for permission to print (BT);
* cover design and printing;
* interior (book block) multiplication (printing);
* sheets collecting;
* book stitching and gluing;
* book spreading through the own online shop and through other
spreading networks;
* plane or digital printing works.

** Minimum order minimum printing number is 15 copies, A5 format,
and the editing price is only 600 lei, VAT included.
** Maximum 150 pages inside, black text, 80 g/m2 imported paper,
semi-glossy 220 g/m2 cardboard, 4+0 colors.
ISBN, CIP, barcode free of charge.
EstFalia Publishing House prints and edits (ISBN):

- symposiums,
- personal works,
- poetry,
- autobiographies,
- PhD papers,
- different handbooks,
- scientific papers, etc.

EstFalia Publishing House ISBN CIP

- In order to enter the Romanias National Library 7 copies of the book must be laid down to its book fund. To this end the book needs not only ISBN but also CIP and bar code. These give you the guarantee of correct editing.

- The Publishing House has the ability to ensure and manage the whole actions chain required for works completion, from graphics, text make-up and scanning, printing, up to their completion, no matter the complexity.
EstFalia Publishing House edits prints with ISBN and CIP free of charge:
- books, symposium works, handbooks, etc. in small and medium printing numbers starting with 15 copies of any format (A5, A4, B5 = 17x24 cm.)
Welcome to the publisher's Website Estfalia
Have you written a book? Are you looking for a publisher? Have you searched out and submitted your manuscript to dozens of publishing companies only to be turned away, time and time again? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Estfalia Publishing could be your answer.